Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Did you practice this week?"

      I was teaching today, and I decided to write down the phrases that I say ALL THE TIME! Here they are..."Did you practice this week?" "Let's pray." "Oops! What note is that?" "Watch your steps and skips." "Good!" "what do you think you could work on?" "Count out loud." "Where's your 2 finger?" And I am sure there are many more. I tend to get really annoied with these phrases since I hear them so often. My students shouldn't have to be told more than once to do this or that, right? Then I noticed some parallelisms. I am all the time causing God to ask me "Did you practice this week on what I convicted you about?" "Let's pray." "Oops! You sinned again!" "What note (command) is that?" "Watch your steps and your skips as you follow Me." "Good job!" "What do you think you could work on today?" "Speak My word out loud so you can hear yourself and not get ahead of what I want you to do." I am in constant need of reminders and I am sure that he tires of telling me the same thing again. Yet He does it so patiently and lovinging. This is motiviation for me to treat my students with understanding and patience and to lovingly remind them again what is so obvious to me.

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