Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Misc. Items

Don't you hate putting stuff in the misc. item category? I like it when everything has its place and is in its own special category, but the misc. items are just the odd ones out. Well, I couldn't figure out a title for this blog because it is going to about all sorts of misc. things. Things I want to remember, and things I want to share with you. First things first...Israel is eating solids now!!! I am so happy, because this little big boy was consuming lots of formula. I thank the Lord though that he doesn't need some expensive like of formula, so it could be worse. But none the less I am excited. I was driving in my care today thinking about this, and just so happy with the way the last couple of days have gone, with Israel eating, and playing, and growing so well, that I was just about to burst! But I also felt guilty for being so happy when things are going so well, like I shouldn't get my hopes up or something. I said a quick prayer asking the Lord to help me have a good attitude even when things are NOT going so well, and resolved that it was perfectly fine to be rejoicing in the present and rejoice in THIS day because the Lord had given it to me. I can take one day at a time and be thankful for the easy ones!
         Second misc item...I got a new phone! It is a hand-me-down, (I almost spelled it like "hammydown" because that is how I pronounce it) but nonetheless it is new to me, and it is a much better phone than I had before. Joel let Israel slobber on his one too many times, and so he was needing one, found a guy on Craigs list that was selling 2 for one price, so we both got one! I was completely frustrated with my other one because it kept dropping calls. It was especially embarrassing when I was on a professional call and I had to call the person back and apologize for my stupid phone, in the meanwhile they are thinking I hung up on them!
          Third....Today I was teaching my sister piano lessons and Joe my brother has taken it upon himself to watch Izzy while I do this. I look over today and see him going over his missionary story with Israel that he was going to be sharing today in Good News club! Izzy was just sitting there looking at books while Joe was sharing the gospel! Oh Lord may your truth never return void, and may your word sink into this little 7 month old head! Then I look later and Izzy is completely relaxed leaning on Joe, while they read books together! Priceless!
         Fourth...It was time for Izzy's nap. I sang to him, prayed that he would take a good nap, and put him to bed. A few min. later he decided that he didn't want to go to bed so he started crying. After a few min. I went in a gave him his paci, but the crying didn't stop. I was teaching at the time, so after I was finished I went back in and told him it was time for bed and he still didn't quiet down! This went on for 30 min.! He was screaming! Finally I went in there got him up and gave him some Ibuprofen thinking maybe his teeth were bothering him, and then I decided to pray. I prayed that the Lord would bind the evil one from causing this little one to be at unrest. I prayed that He would calm his spirit and help him to calm down, and be obedient and take his nap. By this time Israel was trying to make some cute sounds after he had screamed my head off, but I didn't let him win! I stood up and walked over to the bed calmly telling him that it was time for a nap and that he needed to calm down and go to sleep. He started crying again like he understood me perfectly! I laid him down, gave him is paci, and left the room. I didn't hear another sound! I praised the Lord for intervening and causing my little one to be at peace. It is scary to think that the evil one is out to get even our little babies, but the power of prayer and the truth that God is bigger and has the victory is such a comfort! Thank you God for revealing yourself to me today!


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