Monday, February 8, 2010 a fish

Last Friday I sat Israel down to eat some lunch. He has been doing pretty good with eating food, but for the past few days he has acted disinterested. So I was trying to feed him some green beans and some stew. Well, he didn't want anything to do with it. The more I said to open his mouth the more he pressed his lips closed. So finally I got him out of his chair thinking that he just might not be hungry. A few min. later I decided to try again. Same thing. So instead of giving up, because he was probably hungry and just not liking the food I was feeding him. So I pulled out the yogurt. He LOVES yogurt! I put a little bit of green beans on the spoon and then a tiny bit of yogurt on the end so that would be the first thing that he tasted. It worked!!!! He ate it. I would feed it to him that way, and then try some beans by themselves and he would start to cry. Distgusting? Yes, but it got some veggies in him!


JIM said...

You're great Hannah!

Whitney said...

HAHAH! That's awesome. I've done that with Levi, too.