Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matchy matchy

I didn't think that I would be the type of mother who would match with my kids or make my kids match with each other. But I have come to find out that sometimes that happens and it is not on purpose. You know how sometimes you just "feel" like a certain color, or wearing a certain color? Well I do, and since I pick out Izzy's clothes I sometimes pick out clothes with the colors I feel like that day. Make sense? So somedays we are both wearing brown, somedays it is read, or....purple! Sunday I wanted to wear my new purple shirt that I got from the Gap with a gift card that my wonderful husband got for me! But at first I wasn't going to wear it until that night. But since I had purple on my mind, I picked out a purple shirt for Izzy to wear that morning. But then I decided to go ahead and wear my new shirt that morning, making it so that Izzy and I matched...not on purpose, I promise! But we did look pretty cute, so we took some pictures.


Kelly said...

That first picture with his smile is SOOO adorable!

Hannah said...

I love how his eyes squint when he smiles!! Y'all are too cute!

Whitney said...

Oh my word - these pictures are adorable!!! He is just the cutest little thing. I'm so glad he's Levi's little buddy.