Monday, February 22, 2010

Enjoying the now

Sometimes you learn something monumental, and you think "ah, I have it now." But the truth is, you may have learned it then, but you will need to be reminded over and over again to continue living it out. Summer of 2008 I learned that I needed to enjoy the now, and not get caught up in living for the future. Because I was continually discontent and most the time just looking forward to what was coming next. Lately, I have been looking forward to Israel crawling. Now before you start preaching to me to enjoy the time that I can leave him somewhere and when I get back he is still there...I know all that. I know that right now is very convenient in that I don't have to chase him around the house...yet. I know that there will be more discipline, and more tears, and more "Israel, where are you?" going on. But on the flip side of the coin, right now Izzy will get from a sitting position to his knees, then flop to his tummy, then he gets frustrated because he hasn't figured out the crawl yet, therefore he can't get to where he wanted to go. So I am constantly saving a crying frustrated baby from being stuck on his tummy. Sometimes he will return to a sitting position, but not always. sitting here on my living room floor watching him move around, and realized how he has progressed and that he is so close! But instead of rejoicing and marveling at what he CAN do, I have been wishing for something he CAN'T do yet. So I am just letting know, that I have been reminded, and I am going to enjoy watching him do what he can do but also look forward to watching the new unfold.

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Whitney said...

Oh how I understand. These babies just confuse us and make us crazy!! Hahah!