Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I really wanted to do valentine goody bags for my nieces and nephews this year and for my sisters, and mom (okay, everyone) so I was just going to go pick up some conversation hearts and tie them up all cute in a plastic bag. But then I had a better idea. I would use the sugar cookie dough that was taking up space in my fridge to make cute little heart cookies that I could ice and put sprinkles on and it would be more fun, and a lot cuter. (I know...that is not a word). Sunday morning (valentine's day) Israel had a cold, it was snowing, so we thought it was a perfect day to stay home from church, so I decided to make my cookies. I had so much fun but wished all the while that Izzy was helping me, tasting the dough, and licking the spoons full of icing! I look forward to next year when he will be able to help me cut out the cookies and put the sprinkles on and add his little touch to the whole project. They turned out great and here is a picture to prove it!

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