Friday, January 29, 2010

Today, I was looking at my counch pillows and wishing for some new ones. Then I got a clever idea! I would go get some fabric and recover the ones I had shoved in the closet because I didn't like them. That way, I would save money, and then I would be able to use my new sewing machine! But then I got even more clever (I know, amazing isn't it). I realized I could just use the fabric of my old pillows since it was still in good shape, to recover the other pillows! I was so excited that I had come up with a solution without spending any money! So out of eagerness I cut up the first pillow, but then I realized that I really should clean house first, so I got out my dusting rag and starting dusting, only to be sidetracked by hanging some pictures which took longer than I had anticipated and then that led to a creative idea for the empty wall space above my tv cabinet (I know, I was just full of them today). Then Israel woke up. Now it is 10:30 pm, and my house is still not completely clean, I have have unfinished projects, my office is more messy than it was this morning, and I am only staying up because I don't want to give up this quiet time alone with Joel WITHOUT a crying baby! Yes, Israel is teething again. I wasn't expecting it this soon, since he has already cut the too bottom teeth. I know all babies are different but I had just talked to my friend and her daughter cut her too bottom teeth and three months have passed and she hasn't gotten anymore. So that is what I was expecting. Well, yesterday he was fussy, but today has been the worst so far. I was SO glad that Joel was home today, because I don't think I could have made it through today without him! But he is now asleep, and we still love him to pieces but we are still REALLY enjoying the time of peace!

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