Friday, January 8, 2010

Mixed up

If you are like me then sometimes you get mixed up. We try to be like everyone else (for different reasons) and we end up not being able to do what God created us to do.

I was reading an Eric Carle book to Izzy called the Mixed Up Cameleon. I love it because it shows the life of a cameleon and how it seemed somewhat boring to him. Then he saw a zoo, and all the wonderful different animals and started to wish that he could do the different things that all the other animals could do, like be big and white like a polar bear, or smart like a fox, and each time he wished it, something of that animal would be added to his body, like the tail of the fox, or fins of a fish, or antlers of a dear, or a tall neck of a giraffe. Then he saw a fly go by and because he was all the different animals he couldn't catch the fly like he was originally made to do! Then he wished to be himself and he caught the fly.

I think I should read this story everyday to remind myself that God made me just the way I am for a specific reason and if I try to be like everyone else then I will eventually be so bogged down with trying to be what I am not, that I won't be able to be and do what He created me to be and do. Great book! Get it for your kids, or for yourself, and enjoy!

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