Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Woman's Perogative

For a few weeks now I have been pretty overwhelmed, and wondering how in the world I am going to keep up with everything. I am wearing three hats all at the same time, well, at least two at the same time: Mom and piano teacher, and then mom and wife. So one day when I had gotten several calls about piano, I called Joel not knowing what to do, how much more I could handle. I told him that if I took this student, I would need some help. My dear husband, always ready to offer a helping hand, readily agreed, and said he would help with anything. So, after feeling okay about this, and feeling like this could work...The guilt set in. When I see him helping, I get this guilty feeling, like I should be taking care of everything, and it is my job to clean the kitchen and empty the dishwasher (my least favorite thing to do), and my job to keep the house clean etc. So one minute I am complaining about not having enough hours in the day and throwing a hissy fit, and then the next minute, after I have gotten the help I complained for, I am feeling guilty and like a failure for not being able to do a thousand things at once. What is wrong with me??? My sister loving told me that I needed to get over this! So yesterday the husband and I had a little talk. I asked him if he felt like I was passing off too much of my responsibility onto him. He graciously said no, but that sometimes he would like to just chill for awhile. From the very beginning of the new adventure (raising a child), he told me that we were a team in this, so I shouldn't feel guilty having him help me when he gets home. He has a day, I have a day, and then we finish it off together. I like that! That makes me happy. We agreed that if he needed some time to just chill, then we would chill together, and then do whatever needs to be done. And then at the end, when Izzy is safe in his bed, dreaming sweet dreams, and the kitchen is clean, then we can both relax together with freshly popped popcorn, and both be happily tired.

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Whitney said...

I feel the same way, too, sometimes Hannah. Then I, like you said, remember that I had a day at work, too! :)