Monday, September 21, 2009

Rosie to the Rescue

Happy Monday to you all!

This weekend was quite a boring one for me. With everything that I have to do, I was bored, I know, sounds strange. But I was. Thursday I was home all day, which was nice, I did nothing of much importance, just read a lot, and played with Izzy. By Friday, I had run out of creative things to say to Izzy, and by that night, I had to get out of the house. I went to pick up Joel and I told him I didn't want to go we went to Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite places to go EVER! Saturday I was in tears because Joel was leaving again to go do some yard work and I couldn't bare the thought of another day by myself. Joel was so sweet and was willing to go to the ends of the earth for me just to make me happy. So first, he let me go to starbucks ALL BY MYSELF once I laid Izzy down for his nap. Oh what joy!!! When I got back, he drove me out to my mom's (pretty much to the end of the earth) so that I wouldn't be lonely.

Saturday night, when we were a family again, I was walking on the treadmill, Joel was talking with Izzy who was playing on his little play mat, and Israel almost rolled over!!! I almost cried! My baby is growing up! Sorry I don't have any pictures of it...our little camera broke! So, my sweet husband is going to get me a RED one!!

But all of the tales from this weekend are not what my title is all about. Today (Monday) I was driving in the car, and my little baby was so tired he was crying, and he kept spitting out his paci. So I turned on one of my favorite cds...Rosie Thomas...and Izzy settled right down, took his paci and fell asleep! Well...makes sense, since I listened to it ALL THE TIME while I was pregnant! So thank you Rosie!!!

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Kelly said...

Yeah for Rosie! We are quite fond of her in our house as well. hahaha :)