Monday, September 28, 2009


Well, for the past couple weeks I have been fighting a cold. I have been able to keep it just a sniffle, but it has gotten worse. I am sneezing all the time, which means I am blowing my nose even more than that, which means my nose it turning red, which means I am miserable. I keep getting to where I think I am better and then it comes back with a vengeance. No, I have had worse, but this has lasted for so long, that I am getting really tired of it. I can't even get through a diaper change without having to blow my nose. I have even blown my nose with a wipe to prevent it dripping on Izzy! I know, pathetic right? Anyway, thankfully I do not have to teach this week except for today. So maybe I will have more time to rest. Hope everyone else is having a red shoe day! 


Kelly said...

allergies maybe??? Sorry you are dealing with that. My mom has ragweed allergies and she has been miserable recently also.

AND...when do we get to see your new dress? That is so cool. Congrats to Joel for winning that contest!

Sarah's Adventures said...

Poor Hannah! I'm sorry. I had something similar; it's no fun! Still miss you tons. Maybe some hot tea at Starbucks would help :)