Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rainbows and Promises

Monday was a pretty tough day. I went to teach, hoping that Izzy would lay down and take a nap, but no, that was not in his plan. So although he was a cutie pie, he made teaching a little challenging. That afternoon it started pouring rain, and what made it worse, was that I had to get out in it to go pick up Joel. I had high hopes of running some errands while I had the help, but because of the horrible traffic, and my car sick husband (he gets car sick when he doesn't drive) a quick run to Neighborhood Market was all the errands I would be getting done. Hobby Lobby would have to wait, much to my dismay. I was mad. And I didn't respond in the right way. I wish that I had heard Tuesday's Bible study lecture earlier! I started feeling sorry for myself, wondering why my plans ALWAYS got ruined, why EVERYTHING I want to do NEVER works out. After I raised my voice at Joel, (shame on me) and used those words, always, everything, and never, I realized that it was not true. I was just feeling sorry for myself over ONE thing that didn't work out, and then all of a sudden EVERYTHING in my life was horrible. I quickly apologized and thanked Joel for all his help and willingness to run errands for and with me. Thankfully he quickly forgave. I wish that I could say I snapped out of my "feeling sorry for myself" state, but I didn't, I wanted to brew a little longer. Then the Lord got me. I sat down to feed Izzy, and Joel exclaimed "there's a rainbow!" I looked outside, and all across the sky was a beautify rainbow. It was as if the Lord was telling me: "Hannah, I am still here, and I care about you, I haven't forgotten about you or your desires and dreams." The rainbow is a symbol of God's promise to not destroy the earth again with a flood, but that night it spoke much more to me. God has promised to never leave me nor forsake me, and He reminded me of that with the rainbow.

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Hannah said...

Hannah - I love reading your blog. Its makes me feel like we don't like so far away to keep up with all thats going on in your life. Thanks for being open and honest. Love you!! Give your little boy a kiss for me and hope you have a wonderful day in mommeyland!