Saturday, October 3, 2009

This and That

Have so many things happened to you over a short period of time, and you say "oh I could blog about that, or I could journal that", but then it never happens because life keeps happening, and then when you do have time to sit down and reflect you have forgotten all the events that you were going to document! Frustrating to say the least. So, I will do my best. This week I have had off from teaching and it has been wonderful! Monday was a crazy day because I do group lessons on the last Monday of every month (then I get the rest of the week off). But this Monday was even crazier than a normal crazy Monday because our pediatrician wanted to see Izzy that day. I had called in on Friday saying that he was favoring one side over the other, and he kept slumping his head to the left and leaving it there. He wouldn't let us move it either without some fuss, so it was kind of worrying me. Not wanting to wait any longer I said that we could come in, knowing it was going to cut it really did. I got home, and I had students already waiting for me. Of course they all understood, and we had a wonderful group lesson. Tuesday, Israel decided that he didn't want to go to the eye doctor so he started to hold his head up really well, and had ever since! It is amazing...the little peanut! Wednesday I got my new camera! Here are some of the first photos that I took. My favorite is the one with Izzy and his pumkin hat!!

                                                              Izzy sporting his OSU shirt!

                                                               Adorable pumpkin hat!!!

Thursday started out a wonderful day, Israel was doing great, and then we decided to leave the house. Normally this is not a problem, except that these days it is harder to get anywhere with a 16 pound baby in a car seat! But...this day would be different. We were exiting off the highway onto I-44, and traffic was heavy. I had to stop pretty quickly, while putting a paci in Izzy's mouth. I noticed the car behind me was pretty close and hoped that he wouldn't hit me. But the car behind him couldn't stop, and it was a domino affect. Israel started screaming which scared me, so I pulled over, jumped out, and got him out. Thankfully he was just fine. After about an hour, we were on our way with nothing but a sore neck and back for me. Friday morning, Joel and I went to Panera as usually, and then I took him to work. On the way home, I heard that Kendra had gone into labor! 8 days early!!! That whole day was spent in anticipation waiting for THE call. I jumped at every call from my family, until finally Shawn called to say that Michael Henry had been born. What a fun evening we had seeing the tiny little new bundle of joy!

My new little 6 lb 9 oz nephew! Michael Henry

Friday night after spending time at the hospital, Joel and I came home and put Israel to bed and had our second Friday night trying a new recipe and cooking it together. It was Tequila-lime chicken (the alcohol cooks out of course) with a cilantro/red onion/pepper/hot sauce mix piled high on top!  Here it is!

With Mexican rice on the side!

So that was my crazy week, and of course you can tell since it is Monday again, and I am just now getting this out! But it was a fun week (except for the wreck) Chow.

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