Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why Me?

As I mentioned in my previous post, Israel has had a neck problem going on, and it has been very troubling to both Joel and I. There came a point when I was really not please with the Lord and His decision to inflict us with this mystery. I wondered why He would want Israel to be like this, and didn't see any good in it at all. It was just frustrating. I would pray...beg the Lord to strengthen his neck, and then cringe all day long every time I looked at him, because the poor baby was seeing everything crooked! Our pediatrician told us to go see a chiropractor and see if he could help at all. We went and were very pleased. He adjusted Izzy, and said that his neck muscle on that side was a little tight. By the next day we could already see improvement. We have been again, and we keep seeing more and more improvement in other areas as well. I started to praise the chiropractor for fixing Izzy, since it appeared that God wasn't answering my prayers. How wrong could I be. How ashamed I was when I figured this out. I was so ashamed that I could barely form words to thank the Lord for working THROUGH the chiropractor. Last night I confessed to the Lord that I was angry with Him, and sorry for it, and asked Him to help me respond in a better way if this happens again, or when something else that I don't understand comes along.

I am very thankful that my child looks like a normal child again, and pray that it stays that way. I have so much more to write, but I have dinner to make and a baby to feed, and a headache to get rid of. So good bye for now.

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