Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Today was one of those days that you felt like you had already had a day by 11:00 a.m.! You know what I'm talking about? Not to say that it didn't have it's happy moments, or as I like to say, red shoe moments. It started out with Israel waking up a little bit early and woke me out of those sleeps where you feel like you could sleep forever. He was a good boy though and laid in our bed for about 30 minutes, just quietly letting us snooze. But 6:30 came and I dragged myself out of bed to go fix the bottle. Faith came over to stay with him while I took Joel to work since Israel was already down for his first morning nap. Joel and I left and decided to sneak in a little special breakfast on the go, so we went through the drive through of our favorite place...Starbucks! They have these buns called Morning Buns, that are absolutely to die for! Maybe not so good for the hips though. I came back home from dropping Joel off and scurried around trying to clean up my house. It was a rainy morning, and I like my house clean on rainy days. I jumped in the shower, got myself ready to go, got Israel up, fed him, put him in the car, headed out again to go to the chiropractor. But not before we stopped at Target to get some diapers ( a must have these days) and then back to Joel's work to pick him up again to come to the dr. with us. Wow! Does that sound like a busy morning to you??? Oh and I almost forgot...Israel doesn't like his carseat, so he screams 99% of the time, plus it was rainy, so that didn't make our errands any easier. Then after the chiropractor, there was a slow stop at a drive through chinese place while Israel cried, and then a stop at Joanne's Fabric store, where I ran into several not very helpful people. Ah well, I was glad to get back in the car and amazingly enough enjoy a quiet drive home. My afternoon as been quiet with little Izzy taking his nap, but it hasn't been pain free. I went to walk on our tread mill, and I jumped off while it was still going to go fix something. That was successful, but as I was getting back on, I think I became distracted, and didn't remember how fast the belt was moving. I got all tripped up and ended up on my knees rolling back and trying to get up at the same time and got strawberries on both my knees! I haven't had one of these since I was a kid!!! They hurt!!!

So the red shoe moments was getting breakfast with Joel, finding a new make-up bag, having a quiet afternoon, and loosing 2 pounds in 2 days! I know it doesn't sound like much, but I am rejoicing at every little ounce that comes off! My goal? 4 more pounds to pre-baby weight, and 9 more pounds to pre-wedding weight.

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