Sunday, November 1, 2009

Something Unexpected

Today was....well...a rough day to say the least. Israel is going through a season of unpredictability. Some of you may laugh, and say as my mom said "Hannah, all that you can predict is their unpredictability!" But, this being my first child, and having him on a schedule that I knew exactly when he was going to eat and pretty much how long he was going to sleep and so on, it has been quite difficult for me to go from that to not knowing anything! I have cried many tears, and have asked many experienced moms, and get all different answers. I know though, that they have been praying for me, and if fact Tracy Shiew, my beloved friend and mentor, has prayed with me over the phone while I was in tears and making me feel better by saying that it is an emotional time, and I shouldn't feel bad for being concerned. But...I also need to not be too concerned and realize that everything is going to be okay and that he is eating great and sleeping all night, and this too shall pass and while it is here, I must enjoy my little Izzy!

Anyway, all that to say, as we were heading out to my moms after a long day of Israel not sleeping too good, I got a call from my brother-in-law and he said that his neighbor was having a garage sale and was selling a really nice looking kitchen table with 8 chairs! Even though Joel and I were not expecting to shell out money for such a big item, we have been wanting a bigger table for guests, and eventually a larger family. So we headed over just to take a peek. We ended up really liking it, and the lady even let us take a chair home and try to visualize the whole thing in our home. It is definitely bigger, but it still fits, and it has an extra leaf built into it! It is actually really cool and nifty! You pull apart the table and unfold the extra leaf. How cool is that?!? So...we bought it!
...I was going to post a picture but my silly computer is taking too long. I will try again later!

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Sarah's Adventures said...

Oooh, I want to see, I want to see! :) I'm sorry you're having a tough time, friend. We need to get together soon. I can't offer any mom advice but maybe a nice getaway to Starbucks would help :)