Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loverly Day

Today is turning out to be a loverly day! I is only 9:00 a.m. but if you have children, then you have been up for awhile now too. My house is picked up, my dishwasher emptied and kitchen clean, my bed is made, my baby is playing happily in his toy jumpy seat after an hour nap, I have a hot cup of tea steeping in front of me with my bible study book open and ready for me to dive into, and I even fixed breakfast for my honey!!! I even lite my fall candles and they are emitting a very comforting smell. I like to see how many I can lite with one match! Sometimes it gets a little scary! I have high hopes for day off from teaching (except for my sister's lesson) and am excited because today my sisters, mom, and I are getting together to plan our month of December. Sound strange? Well, we have so many family traditions and things we like to do together, that we have to get those on the calendar first. Here are some of the traditions that we grew up with:
1. Decorating the house together
2. Buying and decorating the tree
3.Watching It's a Wonderful Life
4. Assembling a Gingerbread Log Cabin
5. Writing Psalms to Jesus
6. Baking day!!!
7. Christmas shopping
And so many more little things.

Some of these...well most of them we do not do as a WHOLE family anymore because 3 of us are married, but I for one, have taken these and implemented them, or a variation of these into our little family. I love the month of December. I love how it seems like the whole world is focused on one thing. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas for the same reason, but we all make a big whoop-la over it, and I love it!! I wanted to get the most out of our Christmas season, so last year I wrote down everything that I wanted to get in, and designated a day for each of them so that every day in December we were doing something festive! It was so much fun! Here are some of our little families traditions
1. Buying and decorating the tree
2. Decorating the inside of the house (my job)
3. Decorating the outside of the house (Joel's job)
4. Making a new ornament every year
5. Watching a plethora of Christmas movies
6, We are going to see the Christmas train this year
7. Going to see Christmas lights (although last year wasn't very good... maybe because of the economy)
8. We want to build a Gingerbread house this year.
9. Stocking shopping (although I am not sure that will work out this year)
10. Having company (want to come?)
11. And so much more

I am so excited and can't wait for the festivities to begin!!!

What are some of your traditions???

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