Monday, October 19, 2009

Pills and Bills

This is that time of year I guess, when everyone is getting sick. Well, I sure have had my share of the cold. For weeks now I have been battling the comings on of a cold and trying my best to nip it in the bud. Just when I think that I have, it comes back again. Morning and evenings were spent blowing my nose and feeling...not too good. But through it all I was so thankful that little Israel and my husband were still healthy.

But Israel has had something else going on that has concerned me even more. His little head tends to favor one side of his neck more than the other so that it tilts to the left. He can move it and turn it, but no matter what it seems to still tilt to the left and if you mess with it, he doesn't like that. Not because it hurts but because he seems to like that his world is tilted. But yesterday I laid him down on his tummy and realized that his torso looked a little curved. We read about this disorder called Torticallis and that it could be my thoughts began to race. I am trying to trust the Lord but it is so hard when I see other babies and they are holding their head up so good, and then I look at my precious little lamb and he is not. I know he can because he has done it before...but for some reason he is not right now. So many reason run through my mind, and I am very anxious to figure out a solution. We have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow, and I have a call into his ped., so hopefully we can get the ball rolling on this soon. But then Saturday night Izzy didn't sleep very well, Sunday I got him up from his nap (shorter than usual) and he had a runny nose! Yes, my little guy had gotten a cold. And Joel woke up with something too. But we have started some home remedies, and we seem to be stopping this cold in it's tracks. We are praying that it only gets better and not worse. But we have been popping the pills (vitamins) and it is costing us some pretty big bills, but hey, that's the cost of health. I praise the Lord for the funds, and pray that He continues to provide!


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I'll be praying for your little family to stay healthy!