Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meet me at the Fair!

Fall is here and so is the Tulsa State Fair. I really don't care to much for the fair except seeing all the nice cars and getting in them and dreaming about owning one one day, and smelling all the yummy, greasy, fattening foods that make your mouth drool and your heart sad that you can't spend 10.00 on dip 'n' dots. I grew up going to the fair, but we were never able to ride the rides or buy the food. We would catch the acrobats or feel the warm bubbly water in the display hot tubs, pick out which car we wanted, walk through the houses that were on display, or visit the smelly animal barn where we got to pet all the exotic animals. One year we came home with those scrunchy shoe laces, you know the ones; they come in all different colors and they make it so you don't have to tie your shoes. All you have to do is tug and pull and struggle to pull your shoes on! Well, the "not tying your shoes" part caught my mom's attention. Even though we were never able to ride the rides, or eat the food, the fair and spending time with family was always something fun to look forward to. So needless to say, it is a must do for the fall, just like going to a football game. Last year, Joel and I went before we knew I was pregnant, so this year I wanted to take Izzy. So we bundled ourselves up and headed out. We got there, and drove around looking for a parking space for at least 20 min. The place was packed...did everyone decide to go on Wednesday night??? Finally we MADE a parking space, prayed that our car wouldn't get towed, loaded up the stroller, put Izzy's pumpkin hat on and head out. The whole reason we really wanted to go was to get a funnel cake. I told Joel that I wanted to go to the fair, but I wasn't going to torture myself this year with all the smells, so we had to get SOMETHING to eat! So we SPLIT a funnel cake. All in all it was a grand time. We danced to country music, laughed at Israel laughing, and enjoyed the crisp cool weather...and our funnel cake. Izzy was a perfect baby, even in the cool weather. Our car was still there when we got back to it, and our home was warm as it welcomed us back after a very fall evening.

Happy Fall!

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