Thursday, October 8, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Do you ever feel like nothing exciting is happening in your life, you are just going from one normal thing to another normal thing, until all of a sudden BAM! Everything happens at once? That is what this story is about. This week has been pretty normal, nothing to really write home about, until today...Thursdays seem to be when it all happens, at least right now. I woke up to my little Izzy fussing at 6:00, when he wasn't supposed to get up till 7:00 (haha), and let him fuss and doze till 6:30, when I reluctantly rolled out of my warm bed to start another day. Joel left with the intention of returning around 11:00 so that I could go to lunch with Megan my sister. So I busied myself sweeping and mopping, and straightening up my messy house so as not to embarrass myself in front of my quests. For I was going to have tea! I was so excited to get cleaned up and have my house clean, since it was raining, and then get out some tea cups, and brew a hot pot of coffee to serve with some chocolate! What better thing to do on a rainy day! Unfortunately Joel accidentally forgot about coming back home, but it was probably for the better since by that time it was pouring rain, and Izzy was finally asleep after not much of a morning nap. So 2:00 came and one of my quests arrived. Then the excitement began. I got a call from my other guest, and dear friend, who had been in a car accident and was just a mess. She had her baby with her and everyone was okay, but of course it startled her. So my friend and I jumped in her car to go over and help her out. I rushed out of the house without the diaper bag and without...a house key. I have been without one for awhile, but I have always had the garage opener, but since Joel had the car, I had neither. But I didn't realize this until we got back home. The babies were finally asleep, and the whether was not looking so bright, and we were locked out of our house. I called Joel, and was thankful when he said he would come to our rescue and finish out work at home. So out of desperation to try to salvage what was left of this afternoon, I took my friend to this darling little chocolate shop in downtown Broken Arrow. It started pouring just as we got there. We had a lovely time sitting by the window sipping our coffee and eating our delicious piece of chocolate. It was an absolutely perfect red shoes moment, and...I was wearing my red shoes!

4:30 pm, Joel was home, and Izzy had eaten and was lying on the floor playing, when I looked down and he had rolled onto his side! I squealed in delight and Joel ran for the video camera. He started recording, and Izzy rolled all the way over, from his back to his stomach! He still hasn't figured out how to get his arm out from under him, so we had to help him with that once he was all the way over, but he did it!

                           This is him in the process of rolling over!
It was so exciting. He is growing up so fast. He is starting to laugh more, and not just when we tickle him, and now he is rolling over! Oh how fun, but oh how it makes me kinda sad. But I will enjoy this stage just as I have the others. I love being a mom, a wife, and a this was a perfect red shoes day...even with the little mishaps, that made me laugh at myself just to keep me from crying.

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