Thursday, April 30, 2009

Absent mindedness

I can blame it on the pregnancy now, and then after the baby, maybe I can blame it on being a new mom, but I am not sure how long I can make excuses for my forgetfulness.

I went to meet a friend today for lunch to pick her brain about how to get my piano certification finished. We had a wonderful talk, and we were getting ready to leave right when the rain started pouring down. Much to my horror, I couldn't find my keys! I asked if any had been turned in, I checked the bathroom (because I am there frequently) and much to my dismay they were nowhere to be found. So my dear friend let me use her umbrella, to see if I had left them in my car, and when I still couldn't see them, and all the doors were locked, she drove me all the way to Joel's work to get the other set of keys, and then back again! I was very touched by her selflessness, and willingness to help this poor old prego lady out! May God bless her!!!

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