Sunday, April 19, 2009

Israel's room!

I thought that I had found the bedding for Israel's room at Pottery Barn Kids. We had decided to go with an airplane theme, and the bedding had an airplane, a car and a truck. It was adorable, yet expensive, therefore we were only going to get the bumper and the quilt. But...I found out that Owasso was having a JBF sale, like Tulsa did, and that Saturday was their half price sale. So Joel and I drove over there to check it out, and see if we could find anything we needed. We walked in, and I started to feel really bad because it was so small, and there was nothing that we came to find, plus, we kept seeing all these signs that said "if there is a red star on the merchandice, it is still full price. Well, everything that we had looked at had a red star. I then walked over to the bedding, just in case there was something I liked better than what Pottery Barn Kids had (which is rare). Then I saw it! A Pottery Barn Kids crib set with the bumper, quilt, bedskirt, shams, two sets of sheets, and a pillow case, all for 175.00! And the best part, it was all airplanes!!! For some reason we decided against it, and let it with a worker. We wondered around looking at other things, and I commented on how everything I wanted had a red star! All of a sudden I remembered the bedding. I turned to Joel and said: "Oh my goodness, did that bedding have a red star?" He went back to the worker, came back with the bedding that did NOT have a star!!! Which meant that we were going to get it half off!!! i couldn't believe how perfect it was! We got it home, and put it in the room, and found out the blues did not match, therefore we were going to have to paint the room. We did this Good Friday, when Joel had the day off. Then today!! We picked up our crib, and put everything together!!! It looks wonderful!


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

GIRL! That is fantastic! I love it!!! I need to come see it in person. I am finally getting the last minute touches done on Levi's room and it is finnnnnnally coming together. I saw some airplane stuff in Target tonight and thought of you and Israel. I read in the bulletin today what your theme was. Presh!!

Hannah said...

Its super cute! And what a fun story of how you got it too!

Kelly said...

Super Cute! I have no doubt his room will look adorable!