Monday, April 13, 2009


Life has been quite busy lately. So much is going on. We are little by little getting things ready for Baby Israel. I made a list (I love making lists!) of things that I wanted done before the baby came. And so far, a lot is getting done. Our deck is finished, our bathroom is re-tiled, the baby room is painted, we have doors on the closets, and things that needed to be touched up with paint around the house are getting done little by little. We have ordered our baby crib, which I am so excited about. So like I said little by little things are getting done, but not without many tears....

Being pregnant has taken some of my organization and multi-tasking skills away. This past week was a good example. It didn't help that our car was broken down either, but thanks to my mother-in-law, and brother-in-law, for the use of HIS van that SHE has been using, we still made it around town. But there was still the added stress of figuring out our car. So that started Sunday morning. Monday was a normal day, but all week long I would forget to do major things, like laundry, which I intended to do almost everyday. The house was a mess, and therefore, my life was a mess! I never got grocery shopping done (which I didn't really need much), and on top of that I added more to my schedule than I probably should have. Friday, we painted Israel's room, and barely made it on time to Victory Christian church for their Easter drama (but we are very glad that we went) And then I went to see a friend in OKC on Saturday (the day before Easter) got home, didn't really have food for dinner, and had a cake to make. Easter morning, I woke up, thinking I had allowed myself time enough to do everything that I wanted to do, exersized, iced the cake, which turned out to be a dissaster! The cake fell apart upon getting it out of the pan, and the icing process made it crumble even more. So now I am about to cry. Then I do some finance stuff, to make sure we paid our credit card on time, and then woke Joel up to start getting ready. My plan was to fix a nice breakfast, eat, get ready, all in pleaty of time. But did that happen? NO! My iron ruined the shirt Joel was going to where, we were running out of time to have a nice relaxed breakfast (which Joel ended up fixing, and did a marvelous job too) and on top of that I had forgotten to put a load of laundry in the dryer, so Joel had no clean undershirts! Yes the tears began to flow...again. Plus it was cold and rainy outside, which it is not supposed to be on Easter! So that was my week, one day, I didn't even get dinner done before heading out of the house for the evening. But that resulted in a fun little out to dinner date with my hubby before birthing class...

Two weeks ago we started birthing class, and we are enjoying it a lot!!! We have met several nice people, and hope to get to know them even better as the remaining 10 weeks of class progress. The best part is the tools she has given us to help Joel know how he can help me. After the first class, I felt that we were partners in this, and that I was not just doing this on my own. The tools she has given us to do have been wonderful, and I look forward to seeing how they help in the actual birthing process. So far the pregnancy has gone very well, and my doctor is great! He is a D.O. and has done some chiropractic work on me, which has been wonderful. My hip has been bothering me a lot to the point where I can barely walk, but the other day I went in to see him, and he adjusted me, and by the end of the day I could almost walk pain free! I then overworked myslef the next day, and the pain has started again. Next time, I won't do that!!!

So as you can see, life in the Kelley home, is both exciting, busy, and tearful (for me). I feel like I am more emotional in this third tri-mester, than I was in the first. Once I start crying, I can't seem to stop! Then all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep. Joel has been so wonderful through it all, and I can't imagine going through this without him! Thanks honey!!!

I am sorry that this is so long, but I wanted to catch you up on all that has been going on while I have not been writting. I will try to keep up with this better! Happy spring!!! (if it will every warm up!)

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