Sunday, April 19, 2009

Toot Sweet!

Saturday afternoon I joined my husband at New Life Ranch so that he could have his family at "Family Camp". After the last chapel, we were sitting in the dinning hall with Mark and Maureen Gullikson, and Mark and Tracy Shiew, eating ice cream sundays, although, I wasn't. But the whipped topping on Joel's icecream was so good, I said I could eat a whole bowl of just that. Well, after saying that several times, but keeping Joel from getting me some, Mark Gullikson stood up, went over and filled a bowl up with whipped topping ans sprinkles! I ate the whole thing! It was so good. That is what I would rather have now than icecream; not too sweet, but creamy and sweet enough! Anyway, we all got a good laugh.

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Sarah's Adventures said...

Yay for Mark! He is so great; I just love him.