Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kid's Say the darndest things

My niece Ella Hulson has said some of the funniest things lately, that I decided that I wanted to start documenting them. Until my little boy is talking and saying cute stuff, I want to share these with you!

I have been teaching Wade and Ella piano for awhile now. Ella, we started in a pre-reader book, where they are real creative with how they teach the very basic of basic principles, one of them being the finger numbers (thumb is 1, pointer finger 2, middle finger 3, ring finger 4, pinky 5). So I have been drilling these with Ella, by sining "This old Man" And we do different things with each finger. Well, one day she came to her mom, and she goes "Mom, I hurt my 2 finger!!" I thought that was so funny! I knew then, that she understood, and it was clicking!

We were driving to visit Abbie at NSU, and Ella informed us that when ice cubes melt, they turn to water. Then a few min. later she exclaims in horror: "I swalled a piece of ice!" I tried to comfort her by saying that it was okay, it would just turn to water in her tummy. Well, a few seconds later she goes: "But it was big as my Eye!" Why she picked her eye to compare it to, I don't know, but is sure made me laugh.

We were on the same drive, and out of the blue Ella goes: "I eat really fast." To which we replied, "oh really." Then she goes, "Well, I eat cookies really fast!"

Last night at awana, they were driving off, and I was walking to my car, and Ella saw me, and said: "Mom, Hannah is having a baby, that is why she walks funny. She's twisty." Megan called me and we were just rolling! I guess my hips twist when I walk, so she said I was twisty!!!

I love my little darlings, Wade, Ella, Owen, and Greg! And I can't wait to have a little one of my own to laugh at and with.

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Sarah's Adventures said...

That is TOOOOOOO funny! Especially the cookies and the walking. Hahaha!