Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Lord was so gracious and provided so many baby things for us at our baby shower May 2nd. But Even though I was aching to dive in and organize, Joel made me wait one more week until I was finished teaching. This past Tuesday was my recital, and now I am officially done! Well for the summer. There have been so many things that I feel like I have been neglecting, like...being a wife! so Wednesday morning I awoke with new energy, to begin nesting, and make sure we had groceries, and a clean house.

Then we found mouse droppings. So that doesn't make me feel like a am living in a clean place. But I am trying! We will conquer this, just like we conquered bed bugs, and we will move on. In the mean time, I will clean up what I can, organize my baby's room, return things, and enjoy being a wife, and mom.

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