Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to....Me!

Joel woke up early...correction....I woke up Joel around 7:00 because I was hungry, and it is a tradition that the birthday person gets breakfast made for him/her. Joel happily got up (he really did) and I stayed in bed, waiting for him to come get me. Once breakfast was ready, he came and got me, and as he lead me to the kitchen he sang happy birthday. He sat me down, and little by little set the table, telling me what he had prepared. Among the delicacies, were some scrambled eggs with "sausage" When he set them down, I smelt taco seasoning. So I asked Joel, what he used. He told me that he used the sausage that I told him I had left in the fridge for him. I then asked where he got it, and he said "a little bag in the little draw". That is when I knew he had used the leftover taco meat instead of the sausage that was in a container, not a plastic bag! Oh well, I told him about the leftover sausage on Tuesday, and this is Saturday, so that is a long time to remember something! Needless to say, I couldn't really eat them. But the rest was delicious. Coffee crumb cake, and strawberries and pineapple beautifully laid out on a bed of yogurt, chocolate milk, and coffee in my new coffee mug.

Afterwards we went through some baby clothes, deciding what we needed and what would fit our little guy. Then we needed a nap (yes, it was only 10:00 in the morning, but hey, we have 3 more weeks until baby arrives). After our nap, we headed to Jamba Juice. That is what I wanted for lunch. We ran a few errands, one including James Avery, where we got a cranky sales lady, that pissed Joel off so much that he could barely think. So I did the purchasing. We got me a chain, with a star of David charm. We though since we were naming our son Israel David, that that would be a good symbol. For each child we would like to have a charm added to my necklace, and then the same symbol engraved in a ring of Joel's. Oh, we also went through a car wash, which I love doing!!! I know it sounds silly, but I think they are so fun!!! So now we are sitting here watching Ocean's Eleven, and getting ready to eat ice cream! Yah for Birthdays!!!!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! What fun. I just panicked now when I read your post wondering if you were on our list to come to our house for the dessert part of the progressive dinner (?) We left the restaurant early to get stuff in the oven, but I didn't check to make sure you all knew how to get here. I assume you went to the other house for dessert or maybe went home early. Either way, I hope you had fun and didn't feel forgotten. I am so sorry for not finding out your plans and giving you directions before we left. Anyway, glad you had a nice birthday. See you tomorrow!

Also, I think your James Avery charm idea is really cool.

Hannah said...

Oh! Well thank you for thinking about us. No, we knew that we were supposed to come to your house for dessert, but we headed home early. It is so hard to stay out late these days with being very much pregnant, plus Joel had to work on a Sunday school lesson. But thanks for making sure that we were not forgotten, that means a lot.