Saturday, May 23, 2009


Thanks to my wonderful husband, we left Tuesday for a 3 night, 3 day stay at a resort/marina, in Branson Missouri. We packed our own food, packed our whole house, and headed out. No seriously, we almost took our whole house. We packed movies, two big suit cases with everything we could possibly need, 2 coolers, a big sack and a picnic basket of food, etc. So our car was packed, and there was just two of us!!! Once we arrived and unpacked,we looked around, saw our surroundings, and then enjoyed dinner and a movie. Our goal for the next two weeks, was to do....Nothing! We just wanted to lay around, read our books, and be together, and that is exactly what we did. Yes, we had a couple runs to Walmart, but they were just for yummy stuff. Well, we have to have chocolate! It was so nice to be able to sleep in, then get up and eat breakfast, and have a quiet time that didn't have a time limit. Then to spend the rest of the day lounging around doing nothing. Thursday was the same: More loveliness, sitting by the pool, floating in the pool, although it was extremely cold. But I was determined to leave with a little more color than I had when we arrived. I did accomplish that, more so than is comfortable. Thursday night Joel and I went to Walmart and got coloring books! Mine was a strawberry shortcake one, and his was a tonka truck one! Then we ate carmel apples and colored!! Welcome back childhood! Friday we awoke, checked out, and headed to another lake to finishe up our lounging around. We ate lunch, and almost got attached by Geese. We took the opportunity of a beautiful sceanery to take some pictures of me and my belly (sorry Joel, tummy), then we headed to the Tanger Outlet Malls! We walked all the way around, ended at the Gap, where of course, we found some treasures. It was a very hot day, so what do you do on a hot day? Starbucks!!! That was our next destination, and once we had our fix, we walked around downtown Branson, next to the Landing. Then we headed into the Landing for our Birthday dinner! Someone recommended a Mexican Restaurant, and since we are suckers for Mexican, it wasn't hard deciding to go there, and it was pretty darn good. After we had practically stuffed ourselves, we started our trip back to Tulsa.

A good time was had by all, and we decided that we needed to take more time to just sit and relax, here at home, on our deck, or wherever, just to make sure we took advantage of life, and didn't let life take advantage of us. Life gets going so fast, and before you know it, you are running here and there, and life is running you. So, get someone you love, a good book, and a cool drink and go enjoy beign together!

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