Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today was a big day. I got an i pod touch, Joel is getting an iphone, and we are going on a spontaneous road trip to Colorado July 30th to see a favorite bad of Joel's!

I have had several planners to help me stay organized. My favorite one was one I got from Franklin Covey, but it was pretty big and bulky. Once I had a baby, and I was carrying a diaper bag, my purse and...a baby, It was a little too much to carry a clunky planner. So I got creative and tired some smaller ones that could fit in my purse, but nothing as worked out. So Joel suggested an ipod touch. I was a little hesitant because I like the feel of paper and checking things off with a realy pencil, but once I saw and touch an ipod touch, I was sold. So until today it has just been a wish and a convience that I wasn't sure would ever happen. But today it became a reality. Then for Joel...his work is buying his phone!

As for the rode trip? Well, one of Joel's favorite bands are doing a reunion tour and for years Joel has been saying that if they ever got back together we were going to take a road trip to go see them. The closest place they are playing is Colorado on July 31st. So...Colorado here we come!


Kelly said...

road trip! How fun! We love road trips!

Sarah's Adventures said...

Sounds so fun, Hannah! What band is this?

Hannah said...

Sarah, they are called the O.C. Supertones. They have not been a band for a long time, but they are doing a reunion tour just this year, and Joel has said for years that if they ever got back together that we were traveling to wherever they were playing...they closest place is Colorado!