Friday, July 16, 2010

Garage Sale Day 1

6: 15 am: Stumble out of bed

6:30 am: Baby wakes up

7:00 am: Baby and daddy go put garage sale signs around the neighborhood while mommy gets dressed and gets breakfast ready

7:30 am people are already out and stopping by just as we are pulling things out of the garage. We had a full morning, and before it was done, I had earned almost 100.00! I was so pleased. The day slowed down quite a bit after lunch, but we still managed to make some sales. I was very pleased with all that was sold, and all that was earned in the first day. We still have tons to sell, and I am hoping to sell my dishes tomorrow as well. Thank you Lord for sending so many people!!! I have earned enough to buy the blinds that I would like to buy for our rooms!

Izzy is cutting another tooth and so he was clingy and whinny. Not a good day to be like that.

Looking forward to another day in the supper hot sun!

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