Thursday, July 15, 2010


The past two weeks have been SO busy! I have been helping a dear friend of mine declutter her home for the past 2 weeks, still stay on top of mine, take care of Izzy and Joel, try to get ready for a garage sale (4 families) and take care of piano business as well. Yesterday I had a melt down. Joel was so sweet, and took us out to dinner so that there was one less thing I had to worry about. Today I was so looking forward to Fifth Night at Utica Square and a relaxing dinner with our little family. We got there, found a perfect spot unloaded and I began to feed Izzy. Joel had gone to the bathroom so when he returned I left to go get something at Pottery Barn and left my half of sandwhich on a plate and next to it a couple bites let of Izzy's sandwhich. I said to Joel as I left "those are Izzy's bites." As I walked away the thought entered my mind that I should tell him that the other half was mine, but I didn't and just hoped that he would think about it. Well he didn't, because when I returned it was gone! He had fed almost the entire Israel! I couldn't believe it. Once he found out he went to Wendy's and got me a salad and chicken nuggets. He got back and exclaimed "all better!" I thought it was until I started unloading the food and realized that I was going to have to eat my salad with my fingers because he had forgotten the fork! Oh well, all silly mistakes and none that were worth ruining the evening. Plus a yummy cold Starbucks drink made it all better! Thanks Babe!

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