Thursday, March 11, 2010


About a month ago my family got on this Jilian Michael's kick and got one of her videos. It is KICK BUTT HARD! I had made it back down to my prebaby weight, but wanted to get to pre wedding weight so I decided to try it. I still can't do more than 2 rounds without collapsing. But I never really felt sore, which is an indication to me that I have worked. I felt worked, but...I don't know. I did feel my motabolism speed up (I thought I was pregnant because I was hungry more) and that was great because then I could still have my oreos!!! But just the other day I decided to do a different video because I like to switch things up, and found this one called...I can't remember, but it has 3 levels all at the same time (three different people doing a different a level of the same exercise) and it incorporated a LOT of the same things Jilian Michaels does, but at a faster pace. I felt like it worked my whole body better and....I am stinkin sore! But I feel a six pack coming on, so watch out world! Oh and I made it down to pre-wedding weight WooHoo!!!