Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy places

I have a couple places that when I am there make me very happy. Utica Square is one of them because it has so many special family memories and fun times. We have spent summers there listening to music and winters drinking coffee and looking at the lights. Starbucks is another one of my happy places. The smell is one of my favorites. I have thought it would be fun to work there, but then I think it might ruin it for me and I don't want to take that chance. I love going there with Joel or as a family or with friends, to relax and drink my coffee. My new favorite there is a tall decaf mocha coffee with a morning bun. Delicious! All my worries disappear for an hour or so when I am at these places. At Utica I feel like I am driving into a separate world where everything is classy, beautiful, comforting, and sophisticated. It is enchanted in that even when you are having a bad day, or something you don't want to remember happens there, you don't associate it with that bad thing. It can only be remembered as something good, and as bringing joy. For that I am thankful.

Of course the other happy place is my home (especially when it is clean), but right now it is not my happy place because I have no groceries and it is dirty. The floor has enough dirt on it disgusting! But I am not motivated to clean right now because it is March 20th and it is snowing outside - big, giant snowflakes. It is beautiful but it still makes me want to cry because I am SO ready for spring. I really want it to be sunny and nice so I can open my windows, and finish my spring cleaning. But despite the weather I better leave you to think of your happy places, (and hopefully one of them is your home, because that is where you are on this snowing spring day) and get started on my to-do list.

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