Monday, October 11, 2010


Today Izzy danced! And oh it was soooooo cute! I don't know how to do a video link on my blog so I will just have to describe it to you. We were listening to some music and I asked if you could dance like I normally do. Usually he just smiles and laughes. But today he started moving his feet really fast in place and then twirled! I quickly got the video camera to catch it for Joel and thankfully he kept doing it. Now he will do it just periodically for the fun of it. Probably because we laugh so hard and clap!

Also, I cut his hair today. He did very well. I tried this once before and had to call my mom to come fix it, then the next time I decided to pay to have it done and then this time I decided to try again. It turned out really good! We went through 1sweettarts pkg, and 2 suckers! I know, I am a horrible mom, but hey, he sat still!

And then the last Izzy tidbit, is that he can say his name! If you ask him his name he has no idea what you are talking about, but if you say "Say Izzy" he will say it! now he is on the floor putting duplo legos in his mouth and blowing them out right along with silly daddy.  I love my boys!

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