Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You!

It had been a somewhat long day. Israel had been sleeping good until I laid him down for his afternoon nap, and he only slept 30 min. So after letting him fuss for about 20 min, I decided to get him up and go for a walk. But then for his second afternoon nap he still didn't want to sleep. So here I am, it is 5;20, Joel still isn't home, and hasn't called, and Israel is in bed crying. I am trying to ignore him and let him get some energy out, while occupying myself by working on his baby album, and assuming that Joel had to work late, when I hear a knock at the door. Wondering who it could be, because Joel never knocks, I peek out the window, and see nothing, except a starbucks cup sitting on the porch with writting on the inside. I open the door, pick it up and on the inside it reads: Will you go on a starbucks date with me tonight? Love Joel xoxoxoxo! I was so excited, and felt so special that he would have thought of such a creative way of asking me to do this with him, I almost cried. I could see his car but I couldn't find him, until he came around the corner of the house. I ran into his arms, and was so glad that God had given me such a thoughtful man! He had even taken the initiative of calling my sister to see if she could babysit. Greg was sick, so we opted to have Joel's family watch him, and we became kids again, as we rolled down the windows, turned our music up loud, sang at the top of our lungs talked and drank our coffee drinks, and then ran across a busy street to walk to Blockbuster and write down titles of movies that we wanted to see. Such a refreshing evening with the one I love so dearly! Then we hurried back to our little boy who we missed so dearly (even just being gone a couple hours!) How sweet it is to be love by you, Joel!

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