Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wonderful, Wonderful Day!

Today I felt like one of those rich spoiled Beverly Hills people that they do tv shows about. I woke up this morning to two happy babies...yes two. Joel and I got to keep Izzy's friend Melody while her mommy and daddy had a night to themselves before they move far away...away from everyone they know. We fed two happy babies and then cleaned up the house. In a few minutes I was going to leave my filthy house with dust an inch thick on my ceiling fans, and be gone all day, just to come back to a very clean house. A few days ago, a groupon came through for 82% off Mommy Maid cleaning service. For 40.00 I could get a 200.00 package! I told Joel that I was so tempted to get it since my good friend was coming to visit, and since Izzy had been sick and I hadn't had time to do anything. When I picked Joel up from work that day, he handed me the PURCHASED groupon!!! I was in for a treat! So at 9:30 this morning a sweet lady came to my house, and we left it. First stop...Starbucks. We have made it a family tradition to drink coffee there on Saturday mornings. Then Izzy and I headed out to my moms for Baking day while Joel stayed behind to put up Christmas lights!

Christmas baking day is very special. All growing up we had a special day of baking our favorite holiday cookies while listening to Captain Kangaroo. Even after all these years, and after 3 of us have gotten married, we have still managed to all get together, and all bring our ingredients and have a messy but fun filled day. Our dear friend Val has joined us for the last several years and it wouldn't be the same without her now either.

(left to right): Val, Becky, and Abbie! Wearing aprons is a must too!

Mom and Wade and Ella always make the snowman cookies

Fun times!

Israel and Michael are cooking up their own special recipe!
It was so much fun! We came home to a house so clean that the floors squeak! Thanks babe for spoiling me, and thanks mom and sisters for some wonderful memories!

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