Thursday, December 16, 2010

"How could they?"

Tonight was our "looking at lights, Utica Square" night. So we packed up dinner and headed out to Happy Land! It was beautiful! We went to all our favorite stores including our newest favorite...Anthropology...and bought this years Christmas ornament there. We made a few other stops then headed to Starbucks. We got our stuff, and I sat down to pour Izzy's chocolate milk in his sippy cup, and we left. Once across the street I realized I didn't have the Anthroplogy bag anymore, that I had left it at Starbucks. Joel went back to get it and Izzy and I went on to Pier1. Joel was taking longer than it should have taken, and so I started to worry that something was wrong. I figured someone had stolen the bag (and ornament) and that Joel was saving the day by buying another one. I called him, and that is exactly what had happened! I was (and am) furious!!!! I couldn't believe that someone would do that at Christmas time and at Utica Square. If you can't be classy, and respectable, then you shouldn't be at Utica Square! I am still trying to calm down over it all. It was an expensive ornament AND it was even on sale!

Well, I have to forgive him/her/they, because I have been forgiven much (and because Joel said I couldn't blog about it unless I publicly said I had forgiven).

Thank you Joel for making it right and getting another one. This will forever stay in our memory and someday we will laugh about it. Here is the twice paid for beautiful ornament.

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josephinechoo said...

I'm glad your husband bought another one,even it was double price.Full of memory,I guess.Ornament is cute!!