Thursday, December 2, 2010

Twinkle Lights

I love Christmas time. I love that everyone gets in the mood. I know that one could argue it has been over commercialized, but I still love it! I love going to the mall and seeing the decoratations and knowing that all of us, or most of us are there for one! I love all the festivities, and parties. I love the twinkle lights, and the house decorating and the cookie baking. And I love love LOVE, the smell of Christmas trees! We got started a little early this year because I was worried that this season would pass us by in the wink of an eye. Every other month as, so I decorated a couple days before December and we went shopping for our tree on Monday night. We waited though to put it up last night (December 1st). Oh! How wonderful my house smells! I smile every time I walk in to the living room. My house is so small that the smell fills up most of the house so I don't have to go far to get a wif of the pine. Last night it was so fun to see Izzy see a tree coming inside our house. He was so excited. He kept yelling "tree, tree"! We kept him up a little longer so that he could see the lights go on, and then help put an ornament up, but we stopped after going around the tree twice because he was getting tired. But it was already too late because he had no desire to hang something on a tree. So we settled with him sittle on my lap and ME hanging the first ornament. To bed he went and Joel and I finished the decorating. We then sat down to admire our work with some Egg Nog and an episode of The Closer. This morning Izzy woke up and when I showed him the tree, all he saw where the many 'balls' all over the tree. Hopefully he will remember that those all not balls we can play with.

I am so excited about this years Christmas and I hope you are too. Put up some lights, and turn on some music, and have a Holly Jolly time!

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