Friday, April 30, 2010

Rocket Crawler!!

I have a pro rocket crawler! I went to the store today to look for some clothes for Izzy. It was lunch time, and he was tired, so I didn't feel like putting up with him stuck in a shopping cart. The floor is all carpet, and it is a consignment store, so a little more layed back, therefore I thought it was okay to just set him down on the floor and give him something to play with. but he wasn't down on the ground 5 minutes when I look away for a second, look back and he is gone! I look under the rack of clothes both ways, and see him about 10 fee away looking at a book. It was like he flew over there! So the whole rest of the time I was chasing my little crawler as he scurried here and there, crying when I had to try some shoes on him, and laughing when I had to chase him down. I was so embarrased! I probably looked like one of those mothers who I swore I would never be, and swore I would "train my child so that he would be perfect all the time!" Ha! How silly I was...when I didn't have a child. I think I will put up with the shopping cart next time so that our visit to the store isn't a show.

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jkelley said...

I bet he had a blast though exploring new places!