Monday, April 26, 2010

Air Show

Joel loves airplanes. As a kid he wanted to be a pilot, and if he could, he would still get his license. That is the whole reason why we decided to decorate Izzy's room with airplanes. Joel talks about all the air shows that he went to with his dad, he runs outside everytime he hears something that sounds a little different than a normal commercial plane, and he has been wanting to go to an airshow with Izzy for awhile now. A couple months ago he found out that Tulsa was hosting an air show and we put it on the calendar. Saturday it came. We sat in traffic for over an hour until we finaly got to where we could park. We went ahead and parked, not know how far we would have to walk. I am not sure,  but I believe that it was probably a 2 mile walk! At least 1.5 miles. We finally made it and it was such a joy to see Joel smiling from ear to ear all day. It was fun to see all the cool planes and Izzy was wonderful. He even took a 30 min nap in the middle of all the noise. After a long afternoon we started the long trek back to the car, praying that it wouldn't rain. Well we were hoofin it, passing everyone! But we didn't make it time. It started raining, and we started running! I don't know how far we ran, not far, but we did it, Joel pushing a big stroller and me in my chaco's! We got to the car, Izzy having no idea what we just put ourselves through just for him, exhausted and ready to go home. But a good time was had by all, and we look forward next year!

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