Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One too many times

I am deathly afraid of knives. Everytime I picture or think about cutting something with a kitchen knife I shudder because I have cut myself one too many times. I have some pretty tales that will make you shiver and wish you had never heard it. Last night is one of them. I was so excited because I was making a fruit pizza for our company. I LOVE these! But I foolishly cooked it on my stone and I have never before had much success with cooking things on this thing. But I did it anyway, and I sprayed it first, like the recipe told me to. But much to my dismay, the cookie would not come off! It was really embarrasing to have my cute little darling friend (who I am sure never makes mistakes like this) watching over my shoulder as I used all of my might to try to scrape the delicious stuff off! I was using a pie server witha knife like edge on one side. But it is NOT very sharp. Well I was pushing with all my might, the server slipped and sliced my finger. I calmly dropped it, and stepped over to the sink and kept my composer as I ran my bloody finger under cold water trying to see how deep the cut really was. Once dessert was out, the husband of the couple, who is a doctor declared it would be okay and in need of only a band-aid. We got a good laugh, and a silly picture and a very sorry sore finger from all of it and even though we had a great eveing, I would not like to repeat that part of it ever again!


Sarah's Adventures said...

Sorry about your finger, friend! That is weird; I just majorly sliced into my thumb too! Don't you hate that?

Was it D and W who came over for dinner? We should all try to get together some time while we're still here! That'd be so fun!

Whitney said...

HANNAH GIRL! Trust me, if you could see the things I've done in the kitchen you would be trying to pick yourself up off the ground from all the laughing you'd be doing. Your pizza was fantastic! In fact, D asked me yesterday if I'd make "one of those great dessert thingies like Hannah made" for him sometime soon. I'm so sorry for your little finger, but I'm thankful for the memory. I'll never look at a dessert pizza without thinking of you again!! :)