Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Baby!!

Sunday morning February 22nd, sitting in bed, I was feeling my baby move. So I flipped on my back to see if I could see him move. And oh boy!!! I woke Joel up and together we watched our baby moving! It was so exciting! Not only can I feel him, but now I can SEE my precious boy move! Thank you Lord for this little miracle. Bless him, keep him healthy and strong!

Red shoes day!

Well, I finally got a pair of red shoes! I had looked all over for just the right pair, just the right color, and of course, just the right price. Walmart did it again, and now I can put them on, and cheer up every outfit, and put a smile on my face even on a bad day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Anniversary #2

This past February 10th Joel and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. We had a little weekend get away, so the day of, we had a fun breakfast, then Joel came home for lunch with flowers!!! We then had a romantic candlelight dinner at home. Then this past Friday we headed to Hot Springs Arkansas where we spent our honeymoon! We were going to stay at my Aunt's lake house and revisit all special sights of our past.

We arrived Friday night around 6:45, just in time to get ready for our dinner reservation at Belle Arti Italian restaurant that we ate at on Valentine's Day 2 years ago. It was wonderful! We dressed up and were seated right across from the piano player and were serenaded while we ate.

Saturday we walked around downtown all morning remembering and make new memories. A picnic in the park, and window shopping was all apart of the fun.

Next was a Starbucks run. But not just any Starbucks. This one was the one we went to on our honeymoon, and received free coffee just for being newlyweds! Next was a trip to Walmart to get valentine cards and candles for our romantic evening at home.

Sunday we ate Breakfast at the little Colonial Pancake house that was packed. And being pregnant, I of course had to go to the bathroom, which you had to get to by going all the way through the small crowded kitchen. There too was a line, so there I stood in the kitchen of this restaurant waiting for the bathroom, and nobody thought it was weird except me! Sunday afternoon we went and took more pictures of memorable places, walked through the mall looking for sunglasses for me, and then home for lunch. Overall, we had such a wonderful time. It was a lot more special than I thought it was going to be. Seeing everything again that made our honeymoon so special, made our 2nd anniversary ever so much more special.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rescue Me!

Saturday morning, I woke up, starting working down my list of things I needed to do that day, while Joel slept away. Around 11:30, he finally woke up, I fed him breakfast, and then I started to vent. It was probably the pregnancy hormones working, but I told him how I was feeling. I can't even remember all that I told him, but it was quite pitiful! So finally Joel jumped up, told me to get dressed and we were going to go. He didn't know where, and I couldn't make an itinerary, we were just going to go. We did have a couple things down that we wanted to do, but then after that, we just drove. If I saw a store I wanted to go in, we stopped and went in! It was very refreshing! One stop was Old Navy. They were having a 50% off sale on certain items that were already on sale for men and babies. Uh Oh! BABY CLOTHES!!! We found some pretty adorable stuff, mostly for Christmas time next year. But one thing we did find was a one piece outfit that was sleeveless with a hood, that had guitars all over it!!! Absolutely perfect!!! One of Joel's favorite was a onesy that said "Santa is my Homeboy" with penguins wearing hats backwards and one of them saying "wurd" He just loved it! He couldn't stop laughing. Anyway, so needless to say the day turned out great, and now it is Monday, a start of a new week, new adventures, and new lessons to be learned.

21 weeks and counting!

Well, I am past the halfway point, and am just now starting to really show! I noticed the little bump awhile ago, but now it is unmistakable! Little Israel is kicking and squirming around like an energetic little boy! We just received the little baby cradle that has been passed down through our family for 4 generations now, and put it together in the baby room! Megan and Kendra gave us some clothes, and it was so fun to go through and imagine dressing a little baby, MY little baby in them. Since I have grown up in a large family, I have been around a lot of babies. So sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure I am not just dreaming, and that I am really having one of my own! It is kind of a scary thought!!! Here I am, with a little pouch!

It's a Boy!!

January 16th we found out that we were having a little boy! I was quite surprised (for some reason) but very excited, Joel was just excited! My family was shocked though because so far all of us children have had first born boys. There will be 5 Grandchildren, and only one is a girl!

We are going to name our little bundle of joy Israel David Kelley. Israel means "Prince of God" David means "Beloved", and Kelley means "Warrior, or protector" Altogether you get: "Prince of God, beloved warrior" I almost cried when Joel told me that. I think it is such a beautiful yet powerful name. Israel, I pray that you will become a true prince of God at a young age, and that you will fight the good fight and meet your Savior one day to receive a "well done, good and faithful servant" We love you!!