Saturday, October 11, 2008

St. Louis - Day 3

Saturday came bright and early as did the day before but we were anxious to get started. Our first stop was the Cathedral Basilica. Words cannot describe the beauty of the church! The detail was amazing. We were blown away just by looking at the outside. When we got inside, our jaws dropped, and dropped even more when we saw the whole sactuary. the whole thing was either marble, or stone, and mosaic. It took 81 years to complete everything. Pictures don't even come close to portraying the splendor of it all. The sad part was that it was a Catholic church. From there we went to the Botanical gardens. This was beautiful, but different than what we expected. First of all there was some special thing going on, so they had extra strange statues everywhere, and then there wasn't much in bloom. But we made the most of it, and took some funny pictures, and enjoyed the pretty scenery. By this time we had worked up a pretty good appitite, so we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe!!! We had never been and it was at the Union Station where we wanted to go anyway. That was fun! Expensive, but fun. We even witnessed a robbery! Someone left here purchase in the gift shop, and when they came back for it, Joel overhear the cashier saying under her breath that she would have to go get it out of her car. But she never told the lady that she had it. we were shocked. Joel even told the manager, but he even blew it off! Union station has been turned it a mall, so we just wondered around, got some souvenirs and enjoyed some more starbucks. Tonight was going to be our Fancy night, so before heading back to the hotel to spruse up a bit, we drove around and saw Scott Joplin's home. I didn't know that it was a museum, so when I saw that it was, and that it was closed and wasn't supposed to be opened the next day, I was dissapointed, and it had only closed a few min. before we got there too! I went around the back to take some pictures and I saw that someone was still in the office. This is where I pulled a "mother" For those of you who know my mom, you will understand. I ran around to the front, and asked Joel to knock on the door, and tell them a that we were from Oklahom and that we were leaving town, and ask if we could just look around! Well, being the sweet thing he is, he did it! The guy said no, but through that we found out that it was opened the next day. It was time to head back to the hotel, and figure out where we were going to spend our last evening. Joel found this Italian place, so we dressed up, and headed over there. It was on the West end, and was this adorable classy strip full of cool restaurants, and coffee shops, and little shops. It was so fun. And it was surrounded by adorable homes too! Everything just flowed together somewhat, and thing stuck out like a sore thumb. We had a beautiful evening! After pretending to be rich, we head to Ted Drew's Custard. This place was packed! And it was good. We then went home, snuggled up, and watched Myth Busters till we fell asleep.

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