Saturday, October 11, 2008

St. Louis - Day 2

Friday Morning, and so much to do! We headed down stairs for a hot continental breakfast, and then headed out for our big day. As we arrived in Forest part where History museum, Art museum, Science center, and Zoo were, we were amazed at how beautiful everything was. We spent the morning at the History, and Art museum, where we saw all sorts of stuff, including information on the 1904 World's Fair. That was so excited because we were right where it all happened! We then took a little tour through the Jewel box (a green house) and then ate lunch at the park cafe.
The Afternoon we spent at the zoo. I haven't been to too many zoo's but this one was the prettiest one I have been to. After a long day full of walking, we felt it necessary to find a Starbucks. So once we found one near the park and we had finished taking pictures of the beautiful structure around us, we left. Upon arriving at the starbucks, we realized that we have found a really cool part of town. I would compare it to our Brook Town here in Tulsa. We decided that this would be the winning pick for dinner tonight. So after we had rested our feet we decided to drive around and look at all the cute homes, and then we were going to go home, change, and head back for dinner. Well, in the process of looking at the homes, we got lost. So we gave up the idea of going home, and headed back to The Loop (that is what the strip was called) for some delicious mexican food. It was a lovely night. We sat outside, enjoying our dinner listening to the saxiphone accross the street, and the guitarist, and drummer down the street, and watched all the interresting people go by. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!

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