Tuesday, October 7, 2008

St. Louis - Day 1

St. Louis Here we come! Joel and I started out Thursday morning for St. Louis! I was so excited to be able to spend 4 solid days with just Joel. No jobs, no computers, no phones, just me and Joel! We arrived at our hotel early that afternoon, checked in, and headed to our first destination. The Arch!! The arch was amazing, and we enjoyed getting lots of pictures. We also enjoyed just walking around the beautiful park that surrounded it. There are so many beautiful parks and classy, fun areas in St. Louis. After we got our fill of arch pictures, we headed to the Old Court house. Again we were amazed at the architecture of the place and the history that filled it. After looking inside the Old Cathedral as well, we headed back to the Arch, and this time we went to the top! We then enjoyed strolling along the Mississippi, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and taking pictures of the "Bridge to the West". Although we had had a very enjoyable afternoon, we had done a lot of walking, and our feet were quite tired, so we headed to The Hill, and went to a restaurant that served Italian, and Spanish food. It was a perfect ending to the first perfect day of our vacation.

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