Monday, September 20, 2010

Secrets, surprises, and dates

We have one special date night a month. We set aside a certain amount each month and wait for that perfect time (or make the perfect time) to go out just the two of us. Last week Joel said we should go out Friday and send Izzy to my mom and dad's for the night. So I made the arrangments and we looked forward to a fun evening together. Joel kept saying how excited he was, and I thought he was just being sweet to be so happy to spend undivided attention with me. But Friday morning when I dropped him off at work, he gets out of the car, and walks into his work but before the door closes he turns around and says "Oh, make sure you pack an overnight bag!" I was shocked! But he wouldn't tell me anything. So all day I tried to figure out where he was taking me. I was already so excited because we were going to my favorite place...Utica do some jean shopping (since I can't find jeans for my body at just a normal store) and then to dine at P.F. Chang's, and then end with some delicious coffee at Starbucks. But with this added surprise, I was so excited.

The time came, I dropped Izzy off with mom, and picked up Joel. He was waiting for me outside and once he was inside the car I asked him to please reveal the secret. At first he wouldn't, but after telling him that I wanted to be able to enjoy the evening and look forward to what was coming, he broke down. He had found this adorable little hotel at 6th and Peoira calld th Savoy. It was charming! We had such a fun time. We both found jeans that we desperately needed. Dinner was sublime, coffee was delicious, and the hotel was fabulous! We slept in till 9:00 Saturday and we felt so refreshed and our love rekindled. We should do this more often.


Kelly said...

When I read the title of this post, I thought you were going to announce baby #2 or something!! :) How fun. I love date nights! Your hair is looking super cute, by the way.

Hannah said...

Oh Kelly! How funny. I reread the title and can totally see how you thought that. Sorry!!!

And thanks about the hair!

Whitney said...

How FUN! That is so sweet. I love it. And I'm with Kelly. Loving the hair!