Sunday, August 15, 2010


My little 14 month old is now walking. At first I thought it was taking him too long to start this, seeing that all his little friends were doing it already and some of them younger than he was. Then I realized that he had his own pace and that I need to just let him develope at that God given pace. So I started enjoying the process a lot more. It was fun to see him go from being frustrated with us for asking him to walk to which his reply would be sitting down on the floor and gruntig, to initiating it on his own. It was fun to see how each day he became more confident and took more and more steps. It has been fun to see him go from crawling more, to walking and crawling the same amount, to walking most of the time. This process has been gradual and I have loved seeing the process.

I have been watching him closely and notice how many times he plops down on his cushy bottom because of a loss of balance, only to get right back up. He will do this over and over again! I am amazed at his perseverance and determination and patience to keep getting up and doing it again.

Israel, through life you will fall on your bottom, but don't stay there. Keep getting up and seeking the Lord for guidence and strength to combat the trials and setbacks that life brings so that you can have an abundant life of joy in the Lord Jesus! I love you son and thank you for the example you are to me at this young age.

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