Monday, June 21, 2010

Another milestone

Since May, we have been slowly taking bottles away from Izzy's eating schedule. He has kind of been weening himself and I have just observed when he wasn't eating much of a certain bottle, and then I would take it away. the morning bottle was the easiest, and then three weeks later I took the afternoon bottle. That took a couple days for him to get used to. It wasn't that bad, just a few shorter naps. I would give him a snack and he would be fine. So tonight was the last night for the bottle before bed. He doesn't know what is going on, but I do, and I cried. This evening bottle has been so special to me...and to him.  I love the short time of cuddling, and that quiet moment after a busy day. I love how he gets so excited when I mention it, or show it to him. The other night he couldn't get to me fast enough. He literally triped over himself trying to turn around faster that his little body would. I love that I can give him that little moment of pleasure and it is going to be a hard night tomorrow when I have to put him to bed without it. I am hoping that he won't notice, since he has accidentally gone to be bed without it before. Joel cried with me as we realized yet again that our little guy is growing up, and sometimes way to fast for our liking. I love being a mom!

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