Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Brave little boy

Today we started immunizations. I know...we are starting late, but I have been hesitant. I grew up with a mom that rarely gave us antibiotics, had her own home remedies, and has a firm stance against immunizations. So you can imagine my agony and hesitation over this. But after prayer, and questions, and some research we decided to just do a few that our pediatrician suggested. So after putting it off we took him in today and he got his first shot. He cried a little bit but over all, he was a very brave boy. He was a again brave as we went to the chiropractor and then a charmer as we went shopping. Now he is sleeping, and mommy is stealing a few quite moments as I watch Sense and Sensibility. Have you seen it? If not then you must. It is a gloomy day outside but our hearts are all warm. I hope you are having a fabulous December 30th too.

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