Thursday, November 20, 2008


October 16th, Joel and I were told that we were going to have a Baby! Surprise? Yes and no. No as in we were praying for God's timing, yes as in, who wouldn't be surprised to find out your were caring another human life inside you? I am now 10 weeks pregnant (I think) And it has already been quite an adventure. I have experienced hunger, being tired, overly emotional at times, and nausea. All of which I know is normal for pregnant people, but has all been new to me (except the overly emotional part)! Food cravings? A big resounding YES! We have already sent Quiktrip searching in their back freezers for something I NEEDED! And I have been to both malls looking for just cherry jolly ranchers! But none the less, we are enjoying this time. Our prayer is that as Joel and I wait through these nine months, or 40 weeks, however you want to calculate it, we will seize every opportunity to do things together that will be more difficult to do with a baby. The Lord has been so good already to provide us with free tickets to alread 3 fun performances at different locations. What an awesome God we serve! Every week as we get the update of how many weeks I am, and how the baby is developing so far, we are amazed at God's handiwork! I can see that God is still working miracles even today. He does it over and over again When a new baby is created! What an awesome thing to be apart of!

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